Cambridge Longest Team Player

Mr. Clive Porter is one of the longest members of the Cambridge Cricket Club, (formerly known as Galt Cricket Team).

After immigrating from England to Canada with his parents at the age of ten, Mr. Porter played his first game of cricket at the age of fourteen, which his father umpired along with his siblings, (two brothers who played the game, and his sister who scored). His mother made the tea for the team.

He played at the Victoria Park grounds in Cambridge for the past 61 years.

Cambridge was then known as The City Of Galt. Along with the towns of Preston and Hespeler, it was amalgamated to form one city.

On January 1st 1973 The city of Galt became The City Of Cambridge.

Mr. Porter also played in 18 countries, one of which is his native England, where he continues to play for the last 13 years.

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