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Bentley L. Broomes, Co-Chair, Anniversary Committee

Malvern Cricket & Social Club transformed from Toronto Police Sports Club after a group of cricketers who were not Toronto Policemen or correctional officers decided it was time to have a club with their own identity.

The founding members consisted of eight Barbadians and one Jamaican, namely Cameron Lyte, Derek Allamby, Glenroy Sealy, Bentley Broomes, Randolph Sealy, Roy Dallas, Anson Eastmond, Orville Estwick and the late Errol Bowman. Over the years the club has grown to over one hundred and twenty members. The name ‘Malvern Cricket Club’ was chosen by the majority of players at a meeting held at Cameron Lyte’s residence in early spring 1981.

Malvern quickly became a household name within the community. During the 1981 cricket season the Club only played friendly games after which a celebration was customary with eats and drinks, this became the hallmark of the Club and is continued to-date. Most of the games were coordinated by Cameron Lyte and Derek Allamby. Cameron was the first cricket Captain and Derek, Vice-Captain. On many occasions the Club struggled to field a team nonetheless, we were victorious in most of the matches especially when playing in the then Labatts League and was rewarded with beverages from the sponsor for every five wickets a bowler took or every century a batsman made. The Club currently play Sussex Cricket Club bi-yearly for a special trophy.

Shortly after our conception the Club played a vital role in the formation of the Scarborough Cricket Association (SCA). As a founding member of the SCA the Club now has a Cricket League and a place to call home for cricket games. In the initial stages of the SCA most of the games were played throughout the Scarborough area until the late 1980’s when the University grounds on Military Trail was designated for most of our home games which have continued to-date.

During the mid 1990’s Malvern Cricket Club established a Netball team and changed its name to Malvern Cricket & Social Club Inc. In 2003 the Club was incorporated and is currently administered by 10 Directors.

Over the years the Club has cemented very close relationships with a number of US cricket clubs with special bonds to a number of them in the New York area which are evident today. Hartford Cricket Club of Connecticut or “BASH” as it is currently known also have special ties with us.
Visits were reciprocated with them from the inception, with the most recent in May 2005 and also Jamaica and Barbados.

The three main objectives of the Club are:
1. To foster and improve the game of cricket.
2. To promote the mutual interests of its members in expanding relations within the community and abroad.
3. To secure a physical accommodation for our membership.

Cameron Lyte the first President served 11 years and was succeeded by Trevor Gittens, thereafter by the late Anderson Small, Bentley Broomes and currently Michael A. Phillips.
The Club has adopted two charitable organizations, the Sickle Cell Association of Ontario and the Scarborough Women’s Shelter. Funds for these organizations are raised through pledges at our annual Walk-A-Thon. Not limited to these two charities, donations are also made to other organizations and individuals at home and abroad.

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